Wild and Wicked Things ARC Book Review

Thank you Orbit Books UK for sending me an ARC to review!

Wild and Wicked Things : ★★★

Francesca May

Adult Fantasy

Publishing 29th March 2022

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Non-Spoiler Review

Step into Crow Island, where whispers of forbidden magic lurk. With a slow burn sapphic romance and a deadly mystery, Wild and Wicked Things is great for those craving a slow, small town witchy read.

With inspiration from The Great Gatsby, there are countless of extravagant and lavish parties, but there are deadly secrets hidden behind all of the beauty. 

The writing style of this book was beautiful, the pose really captured the atmosphere of the small, isolated town, but the pacing sadly was not my taste. It felt very slow moving until the final quarter of the book and is definitely more suited to those who crave atmosphere and setting over action, adventure and more character driven moments. 

Are you planning on reading Wild and Wicked Things? Let me know!

Thank you for reading,

Nicole / HalfWildBooks

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